Fact-ly '09

Ficly is a site where authors can express themselves in short form fiction.

But sometimes the stories we tell aren’t from our imaginations. They are real and actually occured. I don’t now about you, but sometimes I feel a little guilty about passing off an actual event as a product of my invention.

Well this challenge is the place to remedy that problem. This is Fact-ly. A place for the stories that REALLY HAPPENED to you.

Now you don’t have to start of with the “No shit, there I was..”, and you don’t even have to keep it first person. I would prefer something that you personally experienced, but if you got the story first hand, I guess that would work too.

Any how you have until the end of the year.

Best of luck

(Oh and Mark Twain did once say that too many good stories are spoiled by over verification)

Challenge Entries