At-Sign Percent-Sign Ampersand Octothorp Exclamation-Point

vThis challenge was inspired by two things that happened to me today.

First, I needed to send a copy of an important document to someone. I was up until 1:00 this morning trying to send it. No luck. I tried again for the better part of an hour this afternoon. Still no luck. Turns out my scanner driver doesn’t support my upgraded OS, and the parent company hasn’t issued an update for it yet.

Then, I had to go to work on a paper for university. I rode my bike there; it’s adjacent to a stadium. The bike racks were all being held within a fenced-off, closed area, so I secured my vehicle to a nearby light pole (it wasn’t doing anything, so it didn’t mind). I came out an hour later to find that the campus vehicle authority didn’t much like where I parked it.

So, write a ficlet about a situation like the above. It can be real or fictional. I made the official deadline to pay up (before a fine increase) the deadline for this challenge (although I plan on taking care of the parking ticket straightaway).

Challenge Entries