The 3 sentence collaborative story game

Write a 1-sentence beginning.
Anyone can sequel it. With a 1-sentence middle.
And anyone can sequel that. With a 1-sentence ending.
Each sentence must each be by different authors.
Title is the 1st word of your sentence followed by …. (so no one can remote control their story).

Here’s a little example:
Title: Johnny…
Johny had a big spade.
Title: He…
He dug a big hole.
Title: Eventually…
Eventually, he had a place to bury his mother.

Rules and hints:
- Don’t plan out who’s going to sequel or with what. (Obviously you can cheat. I’m clever. I’ll know.)
- Don’t write long complex sentences posing as one sentence. Extra points for short, direct sentences.
- If you contribute a middle or ending in the challenge, please also contribute a beginning.
- You can enter as often as you like.
- It’s fine to sequel someone’s beginning/middle even if it’s already been sequelled. In other words, each beginning might diverge into a variety of different stories.

Challenge Entries