There's a Story Behind That Nickname . . .

The Challenge is:
Your character has been having lunch with some colleagues. An old associate came by and talked with you briefly. In passing, this person called you by a rather odd nickname. The kind you probably don’t want your co-workers to know about.

Start your story with
“This may come as a surprise . . .”

Do I have to keep it to one Ficlet?
No. If this sparks an entire series, the judge will be delighted.

May I submit more than one?

Do presentation & grammar count?
Always, and not just on Ficly; that’s everywhere.

Though I can be harsh, I’m not expecting perfect grammar.

Do spell-check, put spaces between your paragraphs, & try to follow at least basic grammar rules for coherency.

Although I’ll issue no formal judgment (not even after 01.01.15), I promise that any piece difficult to read won’t get the fullness of my love.

This challenge was not my own idea. It came up at my writing group.

Challenge Entries