Vivid Descriptions

Alright, Ficlyteers. Time for a patented Elisabeth Davis Challenge! I don’t ask much, friends and Family.

I need you to take one thing, something overlooked or a random, everyday object/thing [a smile, a laugh, a kitchen, a stove] and do one of two things:

1) Turn it not so ordinary. Make it sinister, silly, whatever. Just make it different. A LOT different.

2) Describe in in aching detail. I’m not saying you have to describe every tile in the kitchen floor, but set a VERY clear scene.

Must do one of the two things above.
Must leave an open end to weave into. That’s what Ficly’s about, right?
You have a month.

In Ficly, we find that we can’t describe things as well as we’d like because of the character limit. Well, now you have the opportunity to devote the entire 1024 characters to your description!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your keyboards!

Challenge Entries