Closed Spaces

Have you ever been in a situation where you and another person are trying to fit in a space that is meant for one? How did you feel about it? Is there a reason why you’re both trying to fit in such a small space?

For the challenge: write a Ficly (1024 characters) about two people who are trying to fit in a space that is meant for one (space can be metaphorical or physical).

Inspiration for the challenge: A couple of days ago, it was raining pretty hard around my place. I was getting bored at home so I ventured out into the rain and walked around the park while getting myself soaked. While walking, I found two kittens scrambling around to fit both of them inside an abandoned snack canister that would have housed one kitten comfortably. They did manage to squeeze together and take a nap together in a space meant for one.

You guys have two weeks. Enjoy! :)

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