Get the Puck in Here (A Modern Midsummer Night)

Midsummer Night is a flexible date, celebrated on the solstice or St. John’s Eve or other times depending on the country or culture. I picked St. John’s Eve as the deadline for this challenge, so there’s a quick turnaround. Get going! But first, of course, the challenge:

Your story must feature that shrewd and knavish sprite Robin Goodfellow (aka Puck). And it must be set in modern times. There are plenty of 21st Century Bottoms on which he can play mischief. And maybe Oberon or Titania are still around, too, meddling in the affairs of foolish mortals and their iPods, Twitter accounts, and reality TV.

Update one of the Bard’s most beloved characters in honor of that day when the light balances the dark (or thereabouts).

Most of all, have fun!

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