Fairy Piano

The tooth fairy collects the ivory that’s used to make fairy-sized piano keys to go in fairy-sized pianos to make beautiful fairy music. Each fairy piano could fit in a human palm.

I know that this is true because my mother told me so. And she, in turn, was told the same thing by the previous generation. However, not many people know this. All that most people know is that the tooth fairy collects teeth. They don’t know about the pianos.

Why not? Maybe it’s because nobody has written a really gripping story about the tooth fairy’s pianos and their genuine human ivory keys.

I want you to right that wrong. Write a story based on the assumption that what I’ve said about the tooth fairy is true. That’s the only criterion. Where your story goes from there is up to you.

(And before you ask: yes, Hogfather is a great book and quite a good film, too, but factually incorrect.)

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