The Utopia Theory

Dearest Challengers,

The most important thing anyone has in this world, is love. The love for one’s friend, family, partner, anyone and everyone. It is everyone’s duty in this world, to spread the love, to those who have nothing left to live for, to those who are impoverished, to anyone, and everyone.

The Challenge:
Your job, is to write 2 stories, about 2 different Ficly Authors, in turn, they must write 2 stories about 2 more Ficly Authors, and so, in this way, the Ficly community will come closer together, and spread the love. Those who wish, are also allowed to write something about non-Ficly authors.

Title: {Utopia} (author_name)

This idea is derived from an old tradition in ancient Japan, in which the Buddhists of the time did deeds such as these, and helped those less fortunate than themselves.

Challenge Entries