I Won't Be Home For Christmas.

What?? Not very many Christmas challenges yet…
With only 10 days to go… HOLY SHIT.
Personally, I won’t be home for Christmas. I’m leaving for my aunt’s wedding on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula the 23rd-the 10th. (Hence the late date.)
Anyway, the point of this challenge is to write a poem/letter/story about someone who will not be home for Christmas. Be it because of war, because of an accident, because of delays or ordeals, anything you like. Sad, funny, ironic, anything you like.
But the last sentence must be “I won’t be home for Christmas.”
Kthxbai and buena suerte!

hahaha i just had to laugh at myself because i ended the challenge on january 13th 2009, not 2010.

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