That is not dead which can eternal sequel

A Lovecraftian horror competition, ending on the 14th of January 2010.

Lovecraft encouraged collaboration and writing sequels to his stories (in this case make them entries to the challenge, register them as true sequels after) so feel free to borrow multiple elements (characters, books, monsters) from other entries or stories to use as background or foreground ingredients in your own.

The key lies in building an atmosphere of anticipation – no, dread, with an emphasis on implied rather than overt horror.

Lovecraftian tropes include… the resurfacing of unspeakable horrors from the past, vileness and guilt deep within the family line, body horror, the insignificance of humanity and the universal primacy of implacable alien forces, pitiless fate, the corruption of civilization, forbidden knowledge, the folly of scientific inquiry, the safety of ignorance and the foaming madness that accompanies full comprehension of the situation…

Your heroes are victims.

Challenge Entries