The Ultimate Ficly Challenge!

This challenge will encompass everything about Ficly. Hopefully, through the course of this challenge you will make some new friends and help strengthen our little community. The rules:

1) Write an original Ficly as an entry to this challenge. There are no requirements here. It is wide open, so I expect to see a variety of styles and topics.

2) Prequel/sequel one of the main entries that is not your own. Some entries may end up with multiple prequels/sequels by different authors, and this is fine!

3) Rate and respond to every other entry in this challenge (including direct prequels/sequels). Include what you did/didn’t like about the story and why you rated it the way you did. No “this was great” or “I didn’t like this.” You must give constructive criticism. Be polite. If you don’t like someone’s work, tell them what you think they can do to improve it. Be sure to come back to comment on new entries!

You will be judged on the quality of your participation in all of these areas. Have fun!

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries