Set Me Up!

I think that something often gets forgotten here on Ficly. Don’t get me wrong—people fit in a lot of awesomeness into 1024-character bits, be they multiple or single (and some in much less!), but why not spend 1024 characters in a different manner?

What I would like you to do for this challenge is forsake the idea that you have to explicitly tell a story. No “X did Y and then Z came in to do A, &c.” Instead, describe me a setting.

Be terse. Be verbose. Be frantic and alive. Be careful and studied. I don’t care the style, just be yourself. But above all, provide me a fleshed-out setting.

(If you want to sequel or prequel it with some kind of conventional story afterwards, be my guest. It won’t count within the judging of the challenge, but far be it from me to stop you if in the execution of this challenge you are ignited with the spark of creativity.)

Go forth, my fellow ficlyteers!

Challenge Entries