Incest is A Sin Fest

I’ve strangely been intrigued by incest. Call me crazy, but after watching Cruel Intentions, who wouldn’t be? It’s interesting to see how siblings react when they find each other attractive or even if they need something and use their God given gifts to get it.

Now, I’m not sure if Ficly can handle this sort of… mature content, but I’m going to risk it and see how many entries are going to come up. Maybe this can tap into the dark and evil minded side you’ve never known you had.

Nevertheless, this challenge does have a few requirements.

1. Obviously this must contain some sort of incestuous act. Implications count to, but more kudos to those who make it happen.

2. Must be between close relatives. None of that “I didn’t know we were related,” BS. Cousins are a stretch, but I’d like to see more brother/sister type stuff.

It may go which ever direction you chose— is it by mistake or purposely?

P.S.—Super kudos for anyone who does brother on brother or sister on sister action

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