Ficly 365 Challenge

I can’t take credit for this idea. I saw it in Nathaniel Payne’s profile. However, this is too awesome of an idea not to spread around with a challenge. You should know up front that this is not a challenge for the weak. Only the determined should enter.

The idea here is to post a new Ficly every day for the entirety of 2010. That’s 365 stories, kids! DON’T enter them into this challenge. If you intend on participating, just create an entry here and give us any pertinent information you think we need to know in order to follow along, if only so we can friend you here on this site. You may also have other means for us to follow you. For instance, Nathaniel Payne is posting links to his stories to twitter using the hashtag #Ficly365. I will be doing this also.

Hopefully we can get a group together for this. It’s much easier to keep up with something like this when you’re doing it with others. What are you waiting for? Jump on board!

Challenge Entries