Defining Character

This marks my 300th Ficly and true to Ficlets history, I shall create a challenge!

Nothing makes a story quite like character. Without a good character, you have a picturesque setting and an empty plot. But character is more than a name and a face.

Certain things about a character really make that person. I am going to give you the basic character form. You are to take my character’s 2-D form, name and all, and add in one thing, a handicap of some sort, an idiosyncracy, a weakness, and we will see how much just one thing improves that character.

Cora was born 18 years ago with straight dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and olive skin. Her heart shaped face and sweet, high pitched voice made her instantly endearing. She wore a light, floral print dress in her favorite shades of coral pink and red.

Now it is up to you to give her a quirk, expression, disability, secret, talent, or psychological malady, but only one! (setting is up to you)

Judging based on most memorable character.

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries