A Writer's Style - Anthropomorphism!

Generally, the rather impressive sounding five elements of fiction are made up of character, plot, setting, theme and style

Now, as Ficleteers, when we write, we pay specific attention to the characters we create, the plot we follow, the setting we use and the themes we explore, but style?

This style, I think, is what truly sets us all apart.

And at the centre of each of our styles lie the individual use and application of literary motifs, techniques, devices, whatever you want to call them.

With this challenge, I hope to begin a series of tasks which challenge you to take a literary technique and purposely use it to effect within a story – any genre is accepted, as long as the given technique adds something to your work.

For this first in the run, use anthropomorphism – where you give human-like characteristics to living and non-living objects – animals, objects, weather, concepts – just run with it!

Snappy challenges these shall be – so I pledge one week to thee!

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries