Random Phrase Challenge

I am notorious for either creating or latching onto random phrases. Some pieces of mine were inspired by such phrases. (such as “Questionable Sanity”)

So! I want to see what all y’all can do with random phrases. Your challenge is to take one or more of the following random phrases, some of which were of my own creation, others I found, and work it into a story; use it as inspiration, use it as a line, I don’t care how.

Approaching epic groove

Eastern Gnome Institue

The sound of 26 beatniks

Danny, hand me that shovel. This is gonna get ugly…

Pickling yurts

sentient hairspray

Well-groomed ninjas

One condition for this challenge, though: unless it’s for language, I’m not allowing anything tagged with mature.

Let’s give all y’all two weeks on this, alright? Sounds good.

Good luck!

Challenge Entries