Classroom Etiquette

Mr. Dobbins’ Eight-Grade Math Class has 12 students, and respectively 12 stories.
Desk Numbers are as follows:

.1. .2. .3. .4.
.5. .6. .7. .8.
.9. .10. .11. .12.

(The first desks being in the front of the class.)

Desk #1: Kristin Stuart
Desk #2: Randy Lee
Desk #3: Elizabeth Jones (Liz)
Desk #4: Ingrid Burundukov
Desk #5: Benjamin Kola (Ben)
Desk #6: Heidi Finn
Desk #7: Matthew Gold (Matt)
Desk #8: Timothy Brooks (Tim)
Desk #9: Juan de Silva
!Desk #10: Maria Yzecka!
Desk #11: Laura Wilson
Desk #12: Tyler Harris

Each story is about the same class period of the same day. I will write the first one and we’ll see where this goes. Don’t sequel. Enter each desk into this challenge. Once all the stories are in someone can write a story from the aspect of the teacher. Does not need to be 1st person. Have fun, and read the stories before making one. Someone might have said something about your character.

Get into Elementary School Spirit!

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries