Down In the Dungeon - Inside a Room

When TSR were The Wizards of The North and Dungeons and Dragons ruled the spiral backed notebooks and index cards of incubating writer geeks, there was such a thing as the “down the stairs, through the hallway dash, slash and treasure grab.”

It was a time of wandering monsters, random treasure, magical swords and scantily clad barbarian females who never seemed to need armor and always seemed to have magical swords.

Your job:

Create a character in classical D&D fashion and send him into harm’s way – “Down in the Dungeon, Inside a room.”

Treasure, adventure, monsters, witchcraft, warcraft, or even the kitchen sink are fair game to entice, reward, intimidate, enchant or even kill him (or her).

Please, no profanity, as most dungeon games were language “PG-13,” if not Violence “X”

I have allowed a week for the creation of truely awesome stories “Old School” style, in celebration of a time when imagination was interactive, and we wrote novels with dice and little lead soldiers.

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries