Lipstick, Eye-Shadow, Nail-Polish, Blush, Earrings, Necklace, then the Prom Dress.

“Our entire 8th grade is going to have a mini-prom!”
Announced Stacy over the loud-speakers at lunch.

This is a much more free challenge. There are less parameters, and it is open to new characters…(in other classes).

So write a story from the point of view of an 8th grade student about Prom, dances, the other gender, sex, emotions, or anything related. Winner will either, write a story set during the dance, or just after. If that winner is not a new-comer to the classroom series, a second winner will be chosen. Their prize…desk #13.

This story is imperative to our original 12 students. If not entered by March 10th, someone may steal your character, but might be more fun for them to just make up their own.

If you are new, try to make a very original character. We want to see some diverse people! Have fun. Deadline for everyone else is the 24th.

“By the way: Prom theme is James Bond!” adds Stacy.

Challenge Entries