Moving On

People have different views on moving, especially when you’re young. Some people hate leaving all their friends and having to make new ones and all that jazz, while others enjoy moving because it gives them a chance to reinvent themselves. Whether it be a bad way to start over or a good way, the choice is now up to you!

Michael is moving from his hometown in Ohio. I won’t give you any descriptions on what he looks like or his personality, because it’s all up to you. Is he moving to a different town, state, country? You decide. The Ficly can be no more than three stories (for beginning, middle and end).

I’m not exactly sure how the winner will be chosen, so everyone is open to do as they wish. This is a celebration of my 200th Ficly (woo woo!), so I’ll give you only one week to do so because my challenges have been known to be too long. I eventually forget about them. Nonetheless, I hope everyone enjoys this and I’ll be awaiting to see the entries.

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries