'______' for dummies

Give me a short educative story that can finally teach me about…

·Taming a dragon·
·Burning a lampshade·
·Shaving a walrus·
·Cooking a turducken·
·Being the world’s best bellybutton whistler·
·Making a PB&J·

But write bout whatever you want! Those are just ideas…in fact, those ideas are off-limits! You may not write about a turducken in the context of cooking! Choose something original. If you want to make it serious, well then fine; you’ll have a very fine career as a non-fiction blockhead. But, if you make it fun/funny, you may walk away with $40,000!!!

(emphasis on the word may)

Well, thanks to Wift’s challenge shaping abilities, all above examples are eligible…feel free to enter more than once. Kudos to original stories!

Challenge Entries