Space Western Lollapalooza!

Celebrate American Independence the best way possible by participating in the Space Western Lollapalooza! In this contest, we expect the best of the best of Ficly’s finest writers to write their very own space western series. Not just one 1024 character story: MANY. Requirements are as follows:

- None of the space westerns may be based on, inspired by, or even related in any way to Firefly.
- John Wayne be mentioned at least once. Mentioning the presence of a cowboy hat and space helmet will win favor with the judicial panel.
- If the series is turned into a television show, it must star Tom Selleck. No if, ands, or buts.
- “these are your nuts, sir” (pardon the mature language, I am merely referring to this crass fellow by his pen name) cannot enter the contest under any circumstances

These are the rules and so they shall stay. I also might mention that the series that includes a scene where Captain James T. Kirk shoots Klingons with a Smith and Wesson automatically wins this contest. Happy hunting!

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries