“Did you hear, dkscully issued a challenge?”
“Yeah, she wants people to write stories that are nothing but dialogue.”
“That’s going to be hard work.”
“Are there any other rules? Must it be a specific genre? How about the number of people involved?”
“Nope. Any genre will do. As many or as few people as you want. She is offering some bonus points.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah, if you manage to write a soliloquy that works as a conversation, she thinks that could be quite cool, even it it is stretching the definition of a dialogue.”
“She’s also rather keen on the idea of not giving the participants names, and seeing if you can make it clear from the words who’s speaking.”
“Right. Not asking for much, is she?”
“Hey there, guys. Do you like my challenge?”
“It sounds difficult.”
“Hopefully, not so bad that you won’t enter, though.”
“Will there be a winner?”
“I don’t think so. I’m hoping people will use this as an inspiration, instead.”
“Anything else we should know?”
“Aim for Nirvana. It’s good karma.”

Challenge Entries