I Knew I Should Have Turned Left at Albuquerque

It’s my first challenge and I’m sure I’ll look back with regret over some fine points I mussed up. So that’s what the challenge is all about!

I like time travel stories. I like listening to people share stories of their lives. I challenge you to make these great tastes taste great together!

Write us a time travel story where YOU return to an event in your past. Please don’t feel obligated to say how you travel in time – the important parts are what will happen, what you say to yourself, and whether the younger you believes the older you. And while “So I didn’t trip on the sidewalk, break my neck, and spend the rest of my life with no movement from the neck down” is a happy ending, there’s not a lot of plot meat there. I suggest you write the leap from bad to worse – the past changes, but things go from bad to Croatoan.

Will there be prizes? I’ve no idea. I’ve never done this before. I’m not even sure how a winner is picked. Do I pick? Does the mob pick? Enquiring minds wanna know.

Challenge Winner

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