Escape from the Comfort Zone: Purple

It was a dark and quiet night; the words fell from my keyboard with alarming rapidity—except at occasional intervals, when they were checked by an overwhelming need on my part to studiously reread and carefully edit—rattling along the tangled network of the global interwebs, before finally coming to a welcome rest in the waiting embrace of a Ficly challenge.

That’s an example of purple prose, shamelessly adapted from the first line of Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s novel Paul Clifford. There is more information here:

Many people on Ficly write their stories in a conversational tone which (don’t get me wrong) is a good thing. However, it’s a comfort zone, and I’d like to challenge you to step outside of that.

The Challenge: Write a non-humourous story of at least 900 characters which is entirely in purple prose. Genre and plot are up to you.

Challenge Entries