Escape from the Comfort Zone: Hardboiled

I put my dogs up on my desk and took a jorum of skee. I was lousy with ideas for challenges, each and every one an oyster fruit. I had to give the Ficly junkies something good or they’d likely make me do the dance. I stubbed out my gasper and addressed the jaspers and janes directly.

Challenge: Write a story of at least 900 characters in the hardboiled style. This style is used (exclusively as far as I’m aware) for crime fiction. However, genre and plot and tone are up to you, although extra points will be awarded for a story that works in a genre other than detective, crime, or mystery. As always, good writing counts.

Wikipedia has a good article on this style:
Here’s a glossary that may come in handy:

Time is short on this one. So, regardless of whether you’re a jobbie or a kitten, should you find yourself in a jam, buzz me here in the forum. Best of luck!

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