More 12 word novels

People have been asking for more 12 word novel challenges, so here I am making one. For this 12 word novel, you have to make it about a certain tpic that I will tell you about later. They HAVE to be 12 words and you HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT THE TOPIC I GIVE YOU. Ok those are pretty much the guidelines…

The topics are: Murder. And seeing a dead loved one. :)
Yay happy topics!!
Burying her frail body wasn’t the hard part. Killing her though, was.

This was something that my creative writing teacher told me about. He heard about it from a radio contest. The topics are mine the the main challenge isn’t.

Let me know if you would like more!!

Ok you can begin.


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  • Yellow Duck

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    Published May 26th, 2010

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