The Magic Button

Since before I arrived on this website, a few months ago, so I don’t know how long for, the ‘Inspiraton’ button has not worked. They are ‘working on it’. Well, with the lack of inspiration, I guess it’s up to you to inspire me.

Your mission, if you choose not to accept it, is irrelevant. However, if you choose to accept it, it is to write a story about one of two things.

Behind door number one, we have:

A story about the magical, fantastical world that we will enter when we press the inspiration button, once they fix it, that is.

And, behind door number two, there is:

A story about anything. Only catch, there’s a button in it, of a size and colour of your choosing. You must apply significance and relevance to this button, and one of your characters must face a difficult choice, centered around whether or not to press the button.

Choose whichever you wish to write about. As long as you type the right buttons, this will be very inspirational.

Challenge Entries