THX, THX, So Contrary...

What’s with all these itty-bitty challenges? I’ve seen the results from at least two where the idea is to write just one sentence or a bit more. I’ve even left comments, not realizing at the time that it was a challenge.

“Pheh, pheh, phooey. These are not stories. These are mere story starters,” I thought to myself both haughtily and presumptuously. I do that sometimes. Then I decided to be a little subversive, and I hope people won’t mind. I do that sometimes too.

Here is the challenge in 4 easy steps: 1) Go forth and read (comment while you’re at it, maybe). As you come across these micro-stories, one sentence little things that they are, use it as a starter. 2) Write a sequel that goes from it or a prequel that sets it up. 3) Copy the URL for your story. 4) Come back here and paste that into the comments section for the challenge.

Judging will be based on awesomeness, phase of the moon, and various dietary considerations (ie, Kosher).

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries