Nuance and Beauty in Language

Another. An-other. An other. You are another, because you are not the same one as me. But are you an other, because you are not like me? How much meaning is stored in that single space, or the absence thereof?

If that made you wonder, then this challenge is for you. Language is riddled with nuances that are beautiful, intriguing, perhaps even inexplicable. Some arise from minor differences in spelling, some carry opposing meanings in different contexts, some sound the same but aren’t.

You even have one of those on the tip of your tongue, in the corner of your mind, right in the periphery of your consciousness. It’s right there, and guess what? You just focused on it.

Write a ficlet, in any style you wish, with no requirements or restrictions but one: afterwards, we, your readers, must be saying Oh. Wish I’d thought of that. Language is beautiful: show us the nuance that makes it so.

Challenge Entries