Be Da Bomb - "Find Me Something I Can Blow Up!"

What does it feel like to be a bomb?

In the movie “Dark Star,” a “smart” bomb explores its purpose in life, having been awakened by accident and as it explores the ramifications of exploding in the bomb bay of the star ship “Dark Star.” Needless to say, this is counterintuitive to the best interest of the crew of the ship.

In this challenge, “be the bomb” or be the guy trying to talk the bomb out of exploding inappropriately.

The bomb bay of a star ship is not the only place you might encounter a smart bomb. A bomb disposal guy (think The Hurt Locker), might be at the end of his tour in Iraq when he meets an IED that not only verbalizes its mission, but thinks through the philosophy of why it should explode and who it should take with it when it goes.

Wherever a bomb can be, a smart bomb can be. What if the smart bomb is not so smart, like the “Elmer Fudd” of bombs?

For you, author, the sky is the limit. Help your readers see the bomb’s or Bomb Disposal Guy’s point of view.

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