What I Like Most About Summertime

Ok, so this is a challenge to write what you like most about summertime: no school, sleeping in, the beach, no homework, etc.

It can be a poem or a short story(you can even create a character and tell what they like about summertime, instead of just saying: Hello, this is what I like about summertime.)

There is no limit to how long or short it has to be(except for the limit that ficly sets) and it can be written anyway you want.


1. Nothing MATURE.

2. Keep in mind that you will NOT win if you submit a story/poem that just says: What I like most about summertime is that I get to sleep in/go to the beach/there is no school etc.

3. Have fun!! You don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to write a long-winded essay either. I mean, you could, but I don’t think that would make your chances of winning very good.

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries