If You Really Knew Me

I happened to end up watching a show on MTV titled “If You Really Knew Me.” Basically, some high schoolers agree to participate in a challenge day, not knowing beforehand what it entails. The exercises in the challenge are supposed to show these teenagers that no matter what they have or will go through, someone else has either experienced it or may be going through it as they speak. It is designed to break down stereotypes and cliques. But it got me thinking. Even once we are past the awkward adolescent stage, we still put up walls and judge others and are constantly battling these things. So my long-winded set-up is leading to this…..
Write me something that will reveal the real you. Either a part or the whole of your being. My only rule is that you don’t just write a list. Poetry is fine if that strikes your fancy. I’m giving you an extra week so that you can explore your inner self.
Oh, and please title it If You Really Knew Me.

Challenge Entries