Write a Six Word Love Poem

Sorry about being…. 2 days late. I was so caught up with school starting and the new Apple products to even realize that September had started yet.


This was incredibly difficult to pick, seeing as there was a plethora of poems at my choice, but I had to narrow it down. I can’t be some lame kindergarten teacher saying, “YOU ALL WIN!”
So…. And the winner is….

“Etrechat” by derek balsam

It was a good poem, a sort of six-word alliteration poem that just described how (I think) love should always be.

(In no particular order.)

“Dysfunctional” by Music-Hearted

“Lifeguard!” by Tesseract

“8-bit Lovin’” By Kevin Dolley

Thank you for making my challenge so difficult to judge, and good night.

(This challenge was inspired by this photo: )
(Also, I tried not to pick people I knew. Sorry, Elsha, Deathy, and other assorted friends!)

Challenge Winner

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