The Ultimate Goal of Life

I’m having trouble with depression, and I’ve been wondering: what is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Why do we exist? Cliched as it is, it’s stumped me. No one I know seems to be living life meaningfully. No one I know seems to have any intention of pursuing dreams or love.

Maybe I’m just idealistic, but I’ve come to the conclusion that

The ultimate goal of human existence is to find true happiness.

And that’s the challenge: write a ficly about a person’s search for happiness.

It doesn’t matter how you define ‘true happiness’, so long as it’s meaningful. I can’t define that either, so it’s really up to you.

His search can be long, painful and sad, but it should end happily. I really don’t need more pessimism in my life…

You’ve got about three weeks, if I set the clock right. This is my first challenge so here’s hoping I get some entries…

And thanks in advance if you enter. I promise to read every one of the entries (if there even are any) with love and gratitude. Really. :)

Challenge Entries