A Writer's Influence

We now have a great new little google chrome extension that allows us to see which writer’s style comes across in your story.

I’m going to give you an author who I know can come out of the extension. Your task is to write in their style, without using their places or characters.

Your author is:

J.R.R. Tolkien

If more than one person get a Tolkien outcome, I’ll mark you on how good the story is.

There are no other restrictions, you can have any genre you want. Two entries tops per ficler. You simply can’t set it in Middle Earth. You can use the more general fantasy races, but I prohibit hobbits, uruk-hai, ents, balrogs, mumakils and whatever the hell gollum is. I warn you, I’m a tolkien nut, so if you use part of his world, I’ll know. You have two week,s Tolkien it up. And no copy and pasting pre-written stories.

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries