Write and Invite

Here’s a typical real life day for Krulltar:
“Hey, Krully, what’s new”
“Not much, except this awesome writing website named Ficly!”
“I didn’t know you were a writer.”
“I’m not, that’s why it’s awesome. My stories get published anyway!”
The next day
“You were right, Krully. Ficly is an awesome site, and you can’t write. hehe”
“I told you so.”

Its Back to School time; a time to renew friendships and find new ones. So as you go about your day, I have a challenge for you:

Write a story for this challenge, then Invite at least 2 people to join Ficly and read your story. So get out there and spread the joy that is Ficly! You have 2 months, so Write and Invite!

+++The LoA Bonus Challenge+++
To active LoA Members: Write a story, Invite at least 4 people, and then comment on every story in this challenge. Being Awesome is more than a tag. So nut up or shut up.

“You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you.” ~Arthur Polotnik

Challenge Entries