Take Me For A Ride In Your Car-car

The love-hate relationship between myself and the automobiles I have owned or known has sparked inspiration for many a story. Whether it’s kids off on a joyride, a bank robber executing a star-crossed getaway or a car possessed of a spirit (good or evil) of its own, car-based lore is a deep, rich mine from which can emerge a wealth of gold.

So here’s the challenge:

Craft a ficly featuring one or more humans and a car. Flesh out all characters and the situation, creating a micro-tale of suspense, comedy, pathos, drama, adventure or (something that has not been named).

Extra consideration will be given to an ingenius interpretation of the challenge, careful attention to spelling, grammar and vocabulary and storytelling craftsmanship.

I am setting up this challenge to expire on October 1; plenty of time for a ficleer to take his or her muse to dinner.

Good luck and good writing.

Challenge Winner

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