Still Life Writing 2: Attack of the Adjectives

As writers, we sometimes envy the artists. We wish we had more skills to portray the images in our minds. But I should tell you, the skills we have are plenty for getting anything across. Over the many months ficly has existed, we’ve portrayed emotions, we’ve put across the motives and mentalities of our characters, but it’s time we went back to making sure the reader sees what the writer sees.

The rules are the same: No movement, this is a descriptive scene. You can have characters and people, and kudos for those who pull this off, but they cannot be seen to be doing something, so if you want to use verbs, think about your tenses carefully. Also, as the title infers, I want to apply importance to adjectives: try and get as many into your story without ruining the flow. No sequelling, but as many entries as you want.

Get writing!

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