Best Series Challenge

Ok. When it comes down to it; you know what your best series are. Even if they’re finished.

Especially if they weren’t finished.

Look through your stories and post the first ficly in your best series into this challenge. If you have 2 best series you can enter two. But no more.

Not only will this get more people possibly interested in your work… I will personally choose what I think the best series is out of all the entries.

Yes it will be a lot of work. But someone will be recognized for their awesomeness so it’s worth it.

My best series are easily: “Give me Five Days” and “Facing the Evil”..

(Not to mention my only completed series “The Boy who could see his emotions” collobarated with Mr. Gabriel..)

So go on ficly; show me your best. I’ve got a big no-prize…..just waiting for you. (Though winning is a prize within itself)

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries