Blast from the Past!

Does history fascinate you?
Interested in a particular period in time?
Do you love reading historical novels?
Then this challenge is for you!!!

My challenge to you…
Write a short story that is set in the past!
Any time (in the past), anywhere…

There is no limit!…
Before the World Began?
The Mesozaic Era?
The Stone Age?
The Ice Age?
Biblical Times?
The Ancient World… Rome, Greek, Persia, Egypt, China?
The Middle Ages?
Viking Ages?
Elizabethan Era?
The Age of Enlightenment?
The Romantic Era?
World War One or Two?
The fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties?

History is so incredibly rich and has so many diverse periods in time!
Write a short story about any time in the past and have fun!
Brownie Points for those who really show knowledge of the time they choose to write about and delve into the atmosphere they are painting!

Challenge Entries