Cooler Than Me Challenge

No ficliteers. This is not a challenge based off of the song with the theme as the objective. Totally different ball game here; what you saw was a pun. Now let’s get down to business.

In this challenge. Present yourself in a way, without lying to make you cooler than us. This means playing off of your strengths, weaknesses everything to sell yourself as a product. At the end of the this challenge when its closed choose who you think should win. Try not to be biased. xD And don’t make alliances to win.

The person who sells themselves best wins. That’s it. Do it in any format you want but it must be YOURSELF so please don’t describe yourself as Chuck Norris if you aren’t. ;P Other than that anything goes.

If one of you are Chuck Norris though… Could you make me half as awesome as you?.. You can do it.. Your Chuck Norris! ;D

Challenge Entries