Loser's Challenge

If you’ve never won a challenge; or at least that you know of: Your Eligible.

Otherwise all you disgusting winners stay out and enjoy your victory. Feel free to watch as I send another to join your ranks.

Write me a ficly about why you deserve to win.

This isn’t a pity challenge for people who have never won. Don’t mistake my attitude for that. This is a challenge to brighten someone who was second/third best seeing that there is no 1st place – 3rd place on ficly.

You can be passionate, silly whatever you want. Even if you don’t win, at least you tried and had a legit chance. If this challenge is successful I might do these more to recognize ficly’s second best talent. :)

G’luck Losers!

Lose your losership!

(Or if you don’t care that you’ve never won; become a winner. :P)

I myself has not won a challenge as far as I know and remember. I’ve come close; but not close enough…