Hey, It's Franklin.

Not necessarily Ficly material, but I must rant about this to someone. My dilemma is virtually unsolvable. Today, I realized that in the children’s show “Franklin”, the beaver’s name is Beaver, the owl’s name is Owl, and the freaking turle’s name is Franklin! What makes him of all characters so special as to recieve a human name? Not right, my friends. Not right.

So I call upon you, ficliteers. Use that corrupt part of your brain that your mom would be ashamed of you for using and dream up a solution for why Franklin has a name and the other animals are referred to by their species.

This is the perfect challenge for somebody who has ever been livid over a kid’s show, because you already have these characters with a picture perfect semblance of pseudo-reality, then you can totally screw with them.

Mature is welcome, nearly expected.
So who will lead my Freak Parade?

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