Those Crazy Critters!

Human interaction with the animal kingdom seldom is smooth. Whether it is a dog or kitty compassionately adopted from an animal shelter, a hunter’s prey (which can go either way, human VS critter or critter VS human), one thing is for sure, a story will come out of it.

The challenge is this: craft a story featuring at least one animal and at least one human. the story can center around hunting, fishing, an animal companion, the (critter) from hell, or any combination therein.

The animal must be a earthly critter that does or did share the planet for better or worse with Homo Sapiens.

The devil is in the details, which is to say that the winning challenger will dazzle the reader with a tale that grabs some emotion, anger, sadness, happiness or even frustration.

Good hunting – er, I mean writing.

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries