A Civil War Christmas

The American Civil War was the single most bloody conflict the young nation had seen to date. Almost everyone thought it would be over in just a few weeks but on and on it went.In November of 1863, Confederate Captain W. Sidney Winder was sent to the village of Andersonville in Sumter County, Georgia, to assess the potential of building a prison for captured Union soldiers. Andersonville had a population of less than 20 persons and its proximity to the Southwestern Railroad made it an ideal location to house Union prisoners of war.

Prisoners began arriving at the prison in late February of 1864 and by early June the prison population had climbed to upwards of 20,000. Conditions were abysmal, Morale was very low on both sides.

Here’s where you come in. Read what you can find on the Andersonville Confederate Prison Camp so as to craft a christmas story set there in December of 1864. Yankee or Rebel or civilian.

Tough assignment, sure, but easy enough for you.

Dazzle me.

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