Sex! (Oh, deary me!)

Yeah, I said it. We all do it. We all want it, think it, breathe it, create disgusting innuendo about it in our heads. Oh, yes, my friends. I’ve been inside your brains and I’ve seen the thoughts that venture there and been simultaneously repelled and endeared by the scenes you create and inspire…

But can you write them down? Sex is embaressing and cringeworthy and involves too much nakedness to even fathom describing. All that nakedness… Leaving yourself completely vulnerable, or shutting yourself down completely.

And there are so many different kinds of sex! Fetishes, styles, positions. Oh, yes indeed.

Have you the guts then, my friends, to write for me about the tantric cancan of your erotic fantasies, or those of someone else? Kudos to anyone open enough (wink) to spread themselves (wink wink) out on the page. Subtle or graphic, give me something smutty.

I’ve given you time. I’ll take it easy on you, be slow. After all, something brilliant is worth waiting for.

Challenge Entries