Angels Among Us, Demons Against Us

Angels and Demons – icons of good and evil, matriculate amongst humankind at every level of society from homeless to presidential, influencing coward and hero alike toward extraordinary feats of light or dark.

They are personable, they are malevolent, they are cause to effect, and if we encounter one or the other, we should be ready for something completely different from anything past.

Write about an encounter between someone and an angel, a demon or both. Dig deep into the human experience and come up with the most powerful (read as excellent) ficly possible.

End 2010 with the best story you have ever written and start 2011 knowing you will have to work your mind to the bone to better what you just turned in.

My Christmas present to you is a difficult challenge, one I hope you will find impossible to ignore.

Best of luck and good writing!

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